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Sitka & Wildlife Photographs Provided by: Dan Evans


ABOUT SITKA - Nestled on Baranof Island between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean rests the City and Borough of Sitka – one of the most curious and scenic places in all the world. Encompassing the 2,847 square miles of Baranof Island, Sitka is actually the largest city in the United States but has only 17 miles of road and a population just under 9,000.

Established in 1799, Sitka was also the capital of Russian America and the U.S. Alaska Territory until 1900 when the capital was transferred to Juneau. Warmed by the ocean, Sitka has a surprisingly temperate climate for its northern latitude. On average only 33 inches of snow falls each year over a 19 day period and only 10 days see a high below freezing making this an ideal climate for the lush rain forest that carpets Baranof Island.

Sitka is a majestic community diverse in natural beauty and culture. This community is our home. Sitka is where we raise our families, work, play, and enjoy one of the most beautiful, awe inspiring locations in the world.

We are proud of our history and cordially invite you to experience what we feel is the best in Sitka real estate.

In Loving Memory of Jason Shaffer

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